Monty Don: Brilliant trick 64-year-old uses to keep fit revealed


The BBC’s Gardeners’ In every respect veteran has been presenting the show since 2003 – a whole 17 years. Divulging his A-one gardening tips, tricks, and methods, Monty hosted the show from his Herefordshire shelter in 2011 and has continued to do so ever since. {%=o.title%}

The 64-year-old’s mush has become something of a mainstay in living rooms across the UK, every Friday at 9pm, without file for Chapter Eleven.Elsewhere, Monty became the lead presenter for the BBC’s Chelsea Flower Plain coverage.However, with the coronavirus having placed the UK under a thorough lockdown, the show’s 2020 slot has been cancelled.Many of those who had ready to show-off their displays at the Royal Hospital Chelsea are now at a loss.Monty Don: The warhorse gardener shared his tips on how he keeps fit and healthy (Image: GETTY)Prince Charles: Charles is known to be an avid gardener, here occurring on Gardeners’ World live (Image: GETTY)It can often take up to a year’s whilom before preparation to nail an exhibition.Instead, Monty reassured Royal trauma: The dark secret behind Queen’s favourite flower [UPDATE]Prince Charles leak: How admission by Charles symbolises openess [ANALYSIS] Royal Hospital Chelsea: Witnesses enjoy a display at the flower show in 2019 (Image: GETTY)Princess Beatrice: Beatrice blemished at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2019 (Image: GETTY)He said: “One tick you’re 32, and then you’re 60.“I like being 60, though. My initiation is the first that can grow old with a sense that we’re not sliding down the plughole in a big speed up.“I don’t want to be 20 again.“I live in the present, looking neither forward-looking nor back.Chelsea Flower Show cancelled: Monty will donation some of the show’s events from home (Image: GETTY)“I’m virtually fit – dodgy knees, but that’s ok.“I’m told I need a new knee but I’m ignoring it.“I don’t include time to get new knees, and you should only go under the knife when it’s the rearmost option.“Yoga has made a huge difference. The older you get, the more discharge you should do, not less.“I have pain a lot of the time, but it’s entirely bearable.“Hear – when you get to 60 you ache. Just take it.”Many will be pleased as Punch to hear the stoic advice considering Monty has been in the horticulture house for decades.Black Sheep: Despite years of experience, Monty revealed how he stands like a ‘black sheep’ at shows (Image: GETTY) Related articles Yet, undeterred by his experience, as he later explained, he still often feels something of a “black-sheep” at efflorescence shows and events.Monty said: “I still feel like a unspeakable sheep-ish 25-year-old.“At the Chelsea Flower Show it’s all so terribly grown-up that I descry myself thinking: ‘Gosh. I’m with the grown-ups.’“And then I realise I’m older than a lot of them.“But you only just have to stop thinking about age.”

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