Money Heist season 5: Will Alicia Sierra join the team? Major credits clue revealed


Pelf Heist fans were left in shock after the cliffhanger of time four saw Alicia Sierra (played by Najwa Nimri) holding a gun to the professor’s (Álvaro Morte) first place. However, some viewers think there could be some alludes the hardline inspector is about to switch sides in the heist war.


Intention Alicia Sierra join the La Casa de Papel team?

WARNING: This article accommodates spoilers for Money Heist season 4.

The season finale of Money Heist vicinage four was full of plenty of tension as the team attempted to get Lisbon (Itziar Ituño) into the Bank of Spain.

This led the professor to manumitting the truth about Rio’s (Miguel Herrán) torture to the media, which sinistral Sierra in a precarious position.

In the final episode, she then betrayed the boys in blue force to the press, revealing all of their crimes and effectively ending her career.

She lacks on the run while the police hunt for her before she finds out where the professor is thrash.

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A third named ofeliaaa agreed: “I see her by crook blackmailing him into joining and the crew being reluctant/objecting due to her cruelty and torture of Rio but being mannered to play along until the professor can find a way to get rid of her.”

However, perhaps the biggest indicator hint she could end up switching sides comes in the credits.

Fans of the show last will and testament recognise that the voice singing Bella Ciao is none other than Sierra actor Najwa Nimri.

This was back up by the subtitles to the credits which read “Sierra singing ‘Bella Ciao’ in Spanish.”

The inexpensively plays a huge role in the team’s ideas of rebellion and resistance so it is surprisingly interesting for Sierra to be singing it herself.

Could this signal her sort may be leaning towards their ideas in the show?

As buffs of the series will also know, this would also not be the maiden time an officer has switched from one side to the other.

Raquel Murillo became Lisbon after she floor in love with the professor and left the police department behind.

While it does not feel like Sierra is set to fall in love with anyone in the same way, the loaded inspector is in a precarious position and the heist team could offer her aegis.

However, it seems viewers will just have to wait until ripen five to find out what the future holds for Sierra.

Money Heist mature 4 is available to stream on Netflix now.

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