Moms Are Now Making Art With Their Umbilical Cords


Placenta, appropriate your new post rtum best friend, the umbilical cord. We thought we’d decided it all when moms started eating their placentas, but the latest umbilical twine trend is blowing our minds, albeit in the most heartwarming way possible.

Moms all ended the internet are sharing photos of their designs with their umbilical twines — we’re talking about hearts, spelling out their children’s names, and so much more. Discovers out, after giving birth and while the umbilical cord is still brassy, you can design it into any shape, symbol, or word you want and then bake it at a low torridness to dry. It’s a truly unique way to embrace the new life you created inside your portion.

Keep reading to see photos of the latest umbilical cord art trend. Desire you try it?

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