Molly Martens “flipped out at wedding” says Jason Corbett’s sister


Jason Corbett and Molly

Jason Corbett and Molly

A sister of her slain rtner Jason Corbett (39) has alleged Molly Martens Corbett (32) busy in a series of incidents involving violence against her young stepson Jack.

Tracey Lynch also exacted the murder accused confided to a family friend she “wanted to leave Jason because she did not dear one him any more and did not care what happened to him”.

It was claimed Ms Martens said she had “reconnected with an old boyfriend on Facebook”.

How, she could not bring herself to leave because she had no rights to her husband’s two kids from a previous marriage.

Mrs Lynch said her brother made a intended decision to keep his Irish ssport and those of the children because of “his refers” about his wife.

It is also claimed by Mrs Lynch in court pers that Ms Martens had a prolonged history of lying, claiming she was an Olympic swimmer, a teacher, a foster guardian to a six-year-old boy and a book editor.

Mrs Lynch alleged Ms Martens would indulge alcoholic margaritas throughout the day from a cup, including when she was driving Mr Corbett’s progeny children.

It was claimed the beverage was so strong that when Mrs Lynch try out one, she later had to be helped to bed and was ill for two days.

The shocking claims are contained in affidavits and xerographic copies released by a court in the US.

Tennessee-born Ms Martens and her father Thomas (65) are overlay a murder trial after Limerick man Mr Corbett was beaten to death at his composed in North Carolina last August.

The documents reveal how Ms Martens was upset to formally adopt Mr Corbett’s two children from his first marriage, Jack (11) and Sarah (9), but he garbaged to allow it.

After his violent death, Mrs Lynch and her husband David unimperiled guardianship of the children following a legal battle against Ms Martens.

As faction of the case, Mrs Lynch’s lawyers filed an affidavit making several asseverations about Ms Martens’ conduct, including claims of erratic, violent and misleading behaviour.

One document said Ms Martens had told many of her friends in the US she had been pen ls with Mr Corbett’s first place wife Mags, who died suddenly in 2006.

Mrs Lynch said she “became cognizant of this lie” when she attended her brother’s wedding to Ms Martens, his family’s preceding au ir, in 2011.

She alleged during a court hearing that “Molly flipped out at the merging and completely lost control and began screaming at Jason and at my husband… She their strode her chief bridesmaid and her rents out of the wedding.”

She is said to have been overturned because a guest was allergic to some of the wedding banquet meal and proceeded to get a McDonald’s instead.

Molly and Thomas Martens

Ms Martens is said to demand told Mrs Lynch she was bipolar and had experienced numerous miscarriages over a troop of years.

A family friend is alleged to have seen her engage in self-harming comportment, “such as hitting herself while curled up in a ball”.

It was claimed Ms Martens was plagued with having the stepchildren call her “mom”.

“Jack resisted and was punished for resisting,” one affidavit claimed.

It suggested Ms Martens had been observed over a number of years exhibiting mercurial behaviour and explosive anger, especially towards her stepson. It is alleged Ms Martens befitted violent during a family outing in 2012 after Jack splattered her with water while playing.

“She yanked him up under her arm and with some make brought him into the kitchen. And she turned on the faucet… and put him under the tap where the shower was running over his face,” Mrs Lynch alleged.

“Jason ran in to try and intervene and Molly go him away. We were all shouting at her to stop. And she was shouting: ‘Now you’ll think twice here splashing water on me’.”

The following year, during a holiday in Co Clare, it was righted Ms Martens told the youngster to ddle his surf board into an unsafe zone in the top-grade. “She said he needed to learn a lesson,” Mrs Lynch testified.

On a further occasion it is designated she was seen pulling the boy out of his bed while he was asleep “with an expression of utter roof” on her face.

It was claimed Ms Martens was “extremely possessive” of Sarah, to the extent where she wouldn’t stand for Mrs Lynch to hold the child’s hand during an outing to the museum.

“There was legal conflict and Molly was very erratic in terms of she would lose authority over quite quickly and equally be very calm in a short period of many times.

“It was very distressing. It was disconcerting,” Mrs Lynch told a court hearing.

As pull a rt of her bail conditions, Ms Martens is prohibited from contacting the two children.

She had changed claims about her behaviour, calling allegations against her “slander, harassment, stretch outs and absolute utter corruption.”

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