Mobile World Congress canceled due to coronavirus [Updated]

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Supplement / MWC in 2017.
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[Update 2:32pm ET, February 12. 2020] Mobile World Congress 2020 (MWC) organizer the GSMA has told that the annual technology event in Barcelona is canceled this year.

Partial of the GSMA’s statement on the decision says: “Global concern regarding the coronavirus outbreak, rove concern, and other circumstances, make it impossible for the GSMA to hold the affair.”

The cancellation followed news of several major exhibitors backing out due to junket restrictions and concerns related to the coronavirus outbreak in China. See below for names on that developing story.

Original story 6:05pm ET, February 10, 2020]

Animated World Congress 2020 (MWC) is supposed to be the biggest week of the year for movable technology, but the coronavirus public health scare and related travel provisoes have led to a great deal of uncertainty amidst the usual fanfare.

Particular major tech companies, including Sony, Amazon, LG, Ericsson, and Nvidia, pull someones leg cancelled plans to appear at the conference, and some, like Samsung, alleviate plan to attend but with a reduced presence. The GSMA was quick to emphasize out, as quoted in the BBC, that the event remains “more than 2,800 exhibitors well-founded.”

The announcements have trickled in over the past few days. Many of these circles are usually key players at the event, and while many more companies yet plan to attend, this year’s show looks like it’s universal to be very different from what we saw in 2019 or 2018.

Organized by the GSMA active interest group and held annually in Barcelona, MWC has become arguably the most relevant event of the year for the mobile and wireless technology industry. Many animated companies skip the noise of CES to unveil their plans and do business at this assorted focused event. This year’s event was expected to be a major one: it desire open the floodgates for the 5G transition, mobile companies have predicted.

In 2019, 109,000 living soul from 198 countries and territories attended MWC. Six percent of those attendees were from China, and 16 percent were from the wider Asia-Pacific pale, according to the GSMA’s annual report.

Yesterday, the GSMA responded to the back-outs by clarifying the shelters the organization is taking to protect attendees and exhibitors at MWC. They include a ban on all travelers from China’s Hubei function and a requirement for travelers to show proof they’ve been away from China for the 14 dates preceding the event. Additionally, attendees must state that they enjoy not been in contact with any infected persons and subject themselves to temperature screenings. The GSMA on also give “advice” that visitors not shake hands at the when it happened.

Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau recently reassured visitors that the borough is ready to handle the event in these circumstances. “I would recommend that we hear to the experts, scientists, and health authorities who tell us that the Mobile (Community Congress) can go on with complete normality,” she said. Catalan Health Plenipotentiary Alba Vergés was quoted in the GSMA’s statement on the subject, saying, “the Catalan vigour system is prepared to detect and treat coronavirus, to give the most devote response, and this must be clear to those attending MWC Barcelona.”

The coronavirus outbreak’s basically on the tech industry is not just about conferences; several companies require placed business travel restrictions on their employees, including Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Airbnb, and innumerable. And both Apple and Amazon told investors on their most modern quarterly earnings calls that they are uncertain how severely the outbreak hand down impact their supply lines in China. There have been numerous shots of key factories for those companies closing or operating with reduced shillelagh.

The outbreak is also affecting other industries. The Singapore Airshow has interviewed some back-outs by major exhibitors, including Lockheed Martin. And in one of divers examples for the gaming industry, popular video game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds saw the delaying of an esports event planned in Berlin.

As Ars has previously reported, there are now 40,500 approved cases of the virus, and there have been 910 deaths. The more than half of the cases occurred in China, and only one death has been confirmed faade of China.

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