Mob that killed Darren Kearns suspected of botched hit on associate


Darren Kearns

Darren Kearns

Announces in today’s Herald say that detectives investigating the slaying of Kearns in face of his wife at Cumiskey’s pub on Blackhorse Avenue are also looking into the promise that the same gang also tried to kill David Douglas in Cabra in November.

David Douglas

Douglas leaked with his life after being shot three times while waddle his dog on Killala Road in Cabra on November 8.

According to the per, Kearns and Douglas enhanced friendly in prison where both were locked up for drug create annoyances.

Douglas was jailed for five years in 2010 in connection with a ictus of over €500,000 of cocaine in 2008.

Kearns was jailed in 2012 after he pleaded answerable to possession of cannabis herb valued at €1.76m in 2010.

Sources have told the Herald that the doses in both cases was trafficked here by the Christy Kinahan cartel and that mob’s involvement in both shootings hasn’t been ruled out.

Kearns was desisted to rest at the weekend as Gardai continue to investigate his murder.

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