Miners attack BBC for claiming colliery workers joined Extinction Rebellion demo


Atmosphere change activists scaled fences at the Banks Group’s Bradley ransacking site located just outside the village of Dipton. Protestors tediously tired joke cardboard mining helmets and voiced their opposition to a intending application to expand the open-cast coal mining site. BBC Politics Palpable presenter Jo Coburn told viewers the group of activists had been joined by miners and ex- miners.

Martin Raine, a miner at the site, has insisted there was no marriage with the protest group and said the actions of the Extinction Rebellion demonstrators had put crimes at risk.

Mr Raine also hit out at the BBC for featuring a student from Extinction Insurrection on its programmed about the protest.

He said: “It is our jobs at stake here and as contrasted with of allowing us a voice the BBC showed fake miners with fake cardboard helmets and interviewed a schoolgirl bussed in by Extinction Rebellion who got the basic facts wrong.

“Extinction Uprising is desperate to change its public schoolboy image and its fellow London luvvies at the BBC knock for this trick.”

During day one of the three day protest, several other demonstrators accoutred as canaries and sat in cages at the mine entrance.

The group has called on Durham County Convocation and the Government to reject the application to expand the mine.

The firm has applied for arranging permission to extend the mine in order to extract a further 90,000 tonnes of coal and 20,000 tonnes of verve clay.

Campaigners argue extending the mining operation goes against the Command’s commitment to phase out coal in 2025 and to become carbon neutral by 2050.

Jackie Scollen, a limited resident and member of Extinction Rebellion in Durham, said: ”Durham County Caucus have declared a climate emergency.

“Now they need to show us that they scruffy it.”

A planning committee meeting is set to decide the fate of the site next month.

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“Until viable alternatives are in place, five to six million tonnes of coal hand down still be needed each year in the UK as a raw material for our steel and cement applications.

“So that we can build much-needed infrastructure including new wind and solar granges, houses, roads and railways.

“The privileged, ill-informed Extinction Rebellion protestors, scad of whom are once again from outside the area and who are causing multifarious disturbance to local residents than our operations ever have.

“Desire be more effective protesting against imports of Russian, American and Australian coal degree than counter-productively threatening much-needed regional investment and the livelihoods of hard-working northern stocks.”

A spokeswoman for the BBC said: “This protest has been endorsed by some distinguished people in the mining community, including the chairman of The Durham Miners Joining, and we reflected that in the programme.

“We also offered the Banks Group the possibility to provide a statement.”

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