Milkmen replaced by robots who could deliver straight to your door


For it’s been revealed that the the human race’s first robot milk round has been launched in Milton Keynes with Plenish – who greengrocery a range of dairy-free milks – at the heart of it. The game-changing services allows patrons to simply tap their smartphone and have the milk delivered to their winning b open door – by a robot.The sleek fleet of self-driving machines move at uninspired speed – around four miles per hour – and can navigate obstacles, containing stopping at roadsides and crossing when it is clear.They weigh mean than 100 pounds (45kg) and their cargo can be opened at best by the delivery app, which tracks their journey to and from the customer.The insurgent scheme will not only save customers a journey to the shops, but it’ll also stop to save the planet. That’s because the delivery robots are powered by eco-friendly exciting batteries, rather than fuel-guzzling engines.But Plenish founder Kara Rosen insists it won’t begin the end of the traditional millkround.READ MORE: Marks & Spencer Christmas foodstuffs sends Britons wild with festive Colin the Caterpillar cakeNipping out for a pint of withdraw, as the saying goes, can be particularly damaging to the environment as modern cars beget twice as much carbon emissions in the first five minutes of a junket.Given that more than half of all British car journeys are less than two miles, this in the near future adds up.What’s more, milk production also takes a titanic toll on the planet.Environmental scientist Joseph Poore, from the University of Oxford, has shown that Plenish’s plant-based extracts have up to 70 percent fewer carbon emissions than dairy – be placing the robot milk round a win-win for the environment.Rosen added: “We are a future-conscious label which is always looking to innovate. Through our new Enriched range, Plenish sire created the milk of the future – so what better way to deliver it than completely a robot milk round?“Our brand ethos is all about healthy you, wholesome planet – and this is the embodiment of that.”Dietician Helen Bond hinted: “Numerous studies are backing up what Mother Nature has long remembered: that plant-based foods are powerful allies in the battle for a healthier you, and a healthier locale.“More and more of us are making the switch to plant-based dairy alternatives.”

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