Miliband in EU exit environment warning

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Image caption Ed Miliband is a former climate change secretary

st Labour leader Ed Miliband has warned an EU exit would be bad for wildlife and the locale.

Environment Secretary Liz Truss, Lib Dem ex-energy secretary Sir Ed Davey and Green Festivities MP Caroline Lucas also signed a declaration saying the EU was “central” to attacking climate change.

But pro-Leave Marine Environment Minister George Eustice asserted quitting the EU would give the UK a stronger voice internationally.

The UK’s EU referendum is on 23 June.

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The cam ign to stay in the EU described the mphlet signed by the four politicians as an “unprecedented rtnership”.

It accuses Deviate from cam igners of a “cavalier ignorance” about the environment.

Energy and environment

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  • The EU is in the process of developing an integrated energy market
  • There are several EU-wide principles to tackle climate change including the Emissions Trading Scheme
  • It also legislates on distributions such as water quality and air pollution


  • EU environmental regulation can be an unwanted burden on business and push energy prices up
  • Other European woods would still want to sell their electricity to the UK after Brexit
  • Ton of the UK’s gas imports come from Norway – Britain is not dependent on Russia


  • Leaving the EU would see energy bills rise by £500m
  • Britain’s zing security is stronger as rt of the EU because it negotiates as a large bloc
  • The UK has cleaner cut and air, and lower greenhouse gas emissions, thanks to EU action

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The “added clout” of other EU associates allows issues such as illegally logged timber and commercial whaling to be attacked, they say, adding that the “global environment” will be under omen if the UK votes to leave.

EU membership also supports jobs in the “green conservatism” in the UK, they said.

Labour MP and Vote Leave co-chairwoman Gisela Stuart contemplated the pro-EU cam ign was “descending into absurdity”.

“It seems there is no high-mindedness in the world that they cannot somehow attribute to the EU and no imagined adversity they cannot predict if we vote leave,” she said.

Mr Eustice whispered the EU had “systematically undermined the UK’s place on international wildlife conventions” and said the woods could “regain its voice” by leaving.

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