Mike Love Island football club: What football team did Mike play for?


Passion Island has now begun airing on ITV2 with a brand-new winter series which invites a new presenter of contestants to look for love. One of the newest contestants is police officer Mike Boateng from London, who is currently connected up with Leanne Amaning. Here’s everything viewers need to positive about him, including where he played football.

What football band did Mike from Love Island play for?

Winter Love Islet has now begun on ITV as a whole new host of contestants head to South Africa looking for leman.

Among the new contestants is Mike Boateng, who is a police officer currently glowing in Manchester.

The 24-year-old from London made an impact in the villa when he was premier introduced in the opening episode.

He is currently coupled up with Leanne Amaning, who is a consumer service advisor from London.

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While the new contestant stated his fellow islanders he is a police officer, he also revealed he used to be a footballer.

In the occasion episode he and Leanne were getting to know each other when she about a invited him “are you a footballer?”

Mike said: “I used to play football, I used to contend in professional football but then I stopped that and now I’m a police officer.”

This led a total of viewers to wonder which football team the Islander used to amuse oneself for.

However, Mike hasn’t revealed the reason why he stopped playing football in the villa yet.

Harmonizing to Manchester Evening News, the contestant also played for Eagley Football Brotherhood in Bolton during his time as a footballer.

In his opening interview before extend to the hit reality series, Mike also revealed what he was hoping to procure on Love Island.

He told ITV: “I’m going in to the villa to find love.

“If that notes stepping on a few toes, burning a few bridges and finding the love of my life, I’m content to do it.”

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