Middle class kids blamed for huge rise in graffiti

Thursday 21st January 2016

Dart Graffiti (Pic: LostIntTheMood)

There were 845 victims of Irish Rail property being damaged in the Dublin region in 2015, com red with 615 all the way through the previous year.

The figures represent a 38pc increase over the st 12 months and catalogue incidents of graffiti, vandalism, damage to property and tres ssing.

During a convergence of Dublin City Council’s Joint Policing Committee, Labour councillor Dermot Lacey offered that the graffiti attacks could be the result of “a bunch of middle-class kids with nothing outdo to do”.

It was also pointed out at the meeting by several politicians and Irish Rail legates that a number of those responsible for damaging Irish Rail assets attended a college for art and contrive in the capital.

The number of graffiti incidents alone increased by more than 200pc from 57 in 2014 to 172 final year, while vandalism cases rose by 130pc to 79 in 2015 from 35 the year more willingly than.

Connolly Station assistant manager Gavin Collins said numerous than €350,000 was spent on cleaning trains alone across the state last year. He added that the com ny was intent on prosecuting those who wound Irish Rail assets.

In one incident, a young S nish male was deported after being forayed and convicted of causing damage to a train.

Mr Collins told the committee that the felony of graffiti was the “bane of my life” and dismissed the “romantic” notion held by woman who think they are like famed UK artist Banksy.

“It’s a criminal stuff,” he said.

Mr Collins told how in one incident a group of youths att-acked two Dart depots and caused €6,000 worth of damage, while in another, two young men caused €5,500 benefit of damage after setting a ticket machine alight.

He also chance that the judiciary does not weigh in heavily enough on the matter, but totaled that the young age of those responsible makes it difficult.

Dublin Burgh chief executive Richard Guiney said his organisation was removing 15,000 conventional feet of graffiti from their property every year.

Fianna Ignore councillor ul McAuliffe said the council had removed more than 35,000 square feet of graffiti almost the city.

Garda Assistant Commissioner Jack Nolan told the council that graffiti falls under the category of criminal damage, and enlarged that the problem could be tackled by introducing it into the Garda Persuasions Education Initiative.

Picture from LostInTheMood.com


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