Microsoft cuts Office 2019 one-time licenses through Home Use Program

The Microsoft logo displayed at Microsoft's booth at a trade show.
Detail / Microsoft at a trade show.
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Another one pieces the dust. Microsoft has been shifting much of its software to a subscription likeness, and the latest Office 2019 news heralds another change on that appearance.

The suite of Microsoft programs had been available for purchase as one-off constant licenses through the company’s Home Use Program. HUP lets select points offer employees discounted rates on the software from their workplaces to use at rest-home.

Both Office Professional Plus 2019 and Office Home and Problem 2019 have been removed as options for one-off licenses underneath the program. Instead, HUP will give a 30% discount on annual costs to Office software. Office 365 Personal will run HUP members $48.99 a year, and Service 365 Home will cost them $69.99 annually. The looks sets of the two subscriptions are the same, including premium versions of Microsoft programs, 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage, and OneDrive ransomware detection. The Up on version supports up to six people, and Personal is for an individual.

For a bit of fine print, a unfailing license that you’ve purchased through HUP will continue to work. And one time you buy a Microsoft subscription through HUP, you can keep the lower price even if you allow to remain that employer.

Microsoft has been reaping the rewards of its transition to subscription-driven software. The gathering closed its 2019 fiscal year with a cool $11 billion in three-monthly revenue for its Productivity and Business Processes division, including 31% crop in revenue for Office 365 Commercial.

For users, the subscription model can be uncountable of a mixed bag. Subscriptions ensure that customers are always getting the latest looks and support from the company. At the same time, it’s one more account to deal with and maintain with monthly or annual costs.

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