Michael Schumacher’s lawyer reveals rare update over sport star’s condition


Gen regarding the condition of the seven-time Formula One World Champion has been closely circumspect since he suffered a traumatic brain injury during a skiing mistake in 2013.

Magazine Bunte, in the German’s home country, claimed the 47-year-old could escort following his lengthy rehabilitation at home.

But his camp has been forced to demand the publication to court over the claims.

During a hearing on Friday, Mr Schumacher’s barrister, Felix Damm, refuted the allegations, presenting in court pers one of the few rticular updates on the driver’s health.

Mr Damm informed the court: “He can not walk.”

There was theory that Mr Schumacher was ralysed, which is now backed up by Mr Damm’s claims.

The bencher also added that he could not walk even with the aid of psychotherapists, another claim made by Bunte.

Previously speaking about the unrivalled’s progress, Ms Kehm said: “We just have to accept that the next of kin wants to continue to protect their privacy.”

But Bunte countered, citing the every Tom’s need for information, adding they relied on a reputable source for the gen.

After a glittering career in the racing world s nning more than 20 years, the ttern One driver smashed his head on a rock during a skiing trip with his line in the French Alps.

He and his teenage son, Mick, were skiing off-piste when the misfortune occurred.

He was airlifted to hospital and was placed in a medically induced coma for practically six months due to the severity of his injury, which would have been inesca ble had he not been wearing a helmet.

Over the next few months his condition piecemeal stabilised and he was eventually allowed home in September 2014 to continue his advance.

His family is said to shell out £115,000 a week for round-the-clock care.

His missus of more than 20 years, Corrina, is fiercely protective of advice surrounding her husband’s health.

Tents were reportedly erected on all sides his mansion so he could be taken outside in private, as he is thought to be confined to a wheelchair.

And she has launched lawful action against three German tabloids over stories forth her spouse.

Gerd Krämer, the sport star’s first sponsor, then said: “He is in a more than difficult situation, and it would take a miracle to see him in noted again.

“He is completely shielded by his family.”

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