Medvedev: Washington's claims of possible ground operations wrong U-turn


Russian Prime Father Dmitry Medvedev has said that since the Munich agreements were reached on Syria, the circumstances has already changed for the better, and urged the rties not to scare off one another.

“Today, [the predicament] is already slightly better than a few days ago,” he said at a get-together with Slovenian President Borut hor.

“This is just a start of the work,” Medvedev said. “We need to y attention to one another, mind to [each others’] arguments, implement the agreements,” affirmed Medvedev, urging the rties not to do anything that would “scare off one another.”

“Consideration the presence of these [Munich] agreements, some are already saying: if you meet with disaster to do something, we will launch a ground operation,” the premier im rted.

“This is not a very correct U-turn at the talks,” he said.

“I view there are laws of the media genre, but our top priority is above all to resolve the locale, develop the intra-Syrian dialogue, the ceasefire,” the Russian prime evangelist said.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said earlier that disregard by the Syrian regime of the ceasefire agreements could lead to introduction of additional clay troops to Syria.

Speaking in an interview with the Dubai-based Orient TV, Kerry about that if the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, fails to honor his duties, and unless the Iranians and the Russians force him to do what they promised, far-reaching community will not just sit and watch.

A possibility exists that assorted ground troops will appear in Syria, Kerry said.

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