Medvedev: Russia cannot unilaterally lift countersanctions


Russia cannot unilaterally encouragement its restrictive countermeasures from some rticular countries or sectors, level though its EU rtners have repeatedly urged it to do so, Russian Prime rson Dmitry Medvedev said.

“I won’t deny it that I’ve had multiple meetings with my counter rts from different European countries, with business people, and, by the way, with policymakers and loaves of government of these countries, who told me: ‘Lift the restrictive yardsticks from us in this or that sector’. But we can’t do so,” Medvedev said at a assignation with members of the Russian and German business communities on the sidelines of the Munich Custodianship Conference.

“First, these are restrictive countermeasures, and second, the WTO rules do not suffer this, or otherwise this would look like a selective procedure,” Medvedev said.

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