Mayoral candidate Khan's aide resigns

Sadiq KhanTypical example copyright Reuters
Image caption Sadiq Khan is bidding to progress Boris Johnson as the mayor of London

One of London mayoral hopeful Sadiq Khan’s girl fridays has resigned following his suspension on Sunday.

Shueb Salar is alleged to demand posted abusive language about women and homosexuals on Twitter, in 2012.

A spokesman for Mr Khan revealed: “Sadiq acted immediately to suspend Shueb Salar as forthwith as he was made aware of these serious issues over the weekend.

“Shueb Salar has now acclimatized from his role as a junior member of Sadiq’s rliamentary staff.”

Mr Salar, who has not commented, started between engagement for Mr Khan in 2014.

It emerged he had also posted photos of himself at a firing array more recently on Instagram with a caption joking that he was a “hitman”.

On Sunday, chest of drawers minister Chris Grayling questioned Mr Khan’s judgement in employing Mr Salar.

“‘These views have absolutely no place in modern society,” the leader of the Line of Commons said.

“The mayor of London makes a large number of resolutions about who to hire and how to spend public funds: his record shows Sadiq Khan can’t deliver those decisions in a way that stands up for Londoners.”

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