Matt Baker leaves The One Show fans confused by returning to host: ‘Thought he’d resigned’


Alluring to Twitter, one wrote: “Thought Matt left for good #TheOneShow,” after he enter oned the show this evening.

Another added: “I thought Matt progressive #TheOneShow,” to which a third posted: “I thought Matt Baker give noticed from #TheOneShow.”

A fourth commented: “Has Baker come out of retirement #theoneshow,” as a fifth split: “So, tuned into #TheOneShow and shock horror, #mattbaker is STILL on the sofa!!!!! I deliberating he’d done an emotional farewell last year?? #GO!”

However, others were chuffed to see the presenter reunited with Alex, as a sixth opined: “Surprised and over the moon to see #MattBaker and #AlexJones back together on #TheOneShow. Please make it perpetual, or at least, more often.”


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