Massive security operation planned for gang funerals

Friday 12th February 2016

Garda Commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan ‘cajoles extra resources when she wants them’ says Taoiseach Enda Kenny digs that senior officers plan to have a highly visible cool-headedness outside the south inner city church where Mr Byrne’s burial mass will be celebrated on Monday, to deter anybody intent on creating forward bloodshed.

Undercover officers will also be deployed to keep gaze at on surrounding streets.

Officers from the specialist and local units get all been briefed on the identities of all of the key players in the deadly feud.

Gardai remainder on high alert in the wake of the killings of Byrne and Eddie Hutch Elder, which have brought into focus the activities of two of Ireland’s sundry dangerous gangs.

The authorities are said to be closing in on the perpetrators of both repugnant murders.

This scrutiny has led to several journalists at Independent News & Device receiving threats.

Speaking on Redfm in Cork this morning, Mr Kenny revealed it was his understanding that Garda Commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan would to the point the security operation for the funerals of Mr Byrne and Mr Hutch.

The Taoiseach said that when Ms O’Sullivan “wants surprisingly resources, she gets them”.

Expressing his confidence in the Gardai, he said the cogency had dealt with similar threats in the st and would have no discharge doing so again.

Mr Byrne was believed to have been shot totally in retaliation for the murder of Gary Hutch in S in last September.

Three days later, the other cadre in the feud struck back by shooting Eddie Hutch Snr at his home in the north inner New Zealand urban area.

Gardai say the introduction of armed checkpoints and saturation policing since at weekend has already disrupted the activities of members of the two gangs and prevented them from give transport out further acts of violence.

Speaking to today, Taoiseach Enda Kenny suggested: “Those who issue death threats to journalists and anybody else father no place in our society.

Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald said that the rule will “stand up to the ruthless gangs who show such scant tie-in for human life, and those who outrageously threaten Ireland’s journalists.”


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