Martin Lewis’ furious rant at MPs’ ‘hideous language and cheap point scoring’


The go lame of Money Saving Expert has been vocal on the issue of student economics and university. In a documentary by the website titled ‘How to be successful’, Mr Lewis spoke far the issue. He told young people in the show not to let the cost of university suppress them from going, as student debt acts as more of a “tax” than a liability. Mr Lewis also hit out at how politicians have spoken about the issue.


He said there are politicians who “use this hideous language and demonisation to reckoning cheap political points”.

On BBC Question Time in 2018, Mr Lewis flailed out at Labour MP Chi Onwurah, who was arguing that tuition fees were standstill people from working class backgrounds from going to university.

Mr Lewis then cut in saying: “No, no don’t tell them.

“Look politicians do this all the time and you’re making your civic points and you’re doing it and you put off young people from underprivileged backgrounds effective to university with a fear of debt by framing it a debt when you be sure it doesn’t work like that.”

Martin Lewis news: Lewis hit out at representatives (Image: Money Saving Expert)

Martin Lewis news: Lewis hit out at a Workers MP (Image: BBC)

Mr Lewis then attacked the “political football” being played by political bosses of all parties and blamed her for being part of a movement that has “miseducated a reproduction”.

He went on: “Politicians need to take responsibility, your political football that the way you and all the sides have used student finance has misled a generation about how evaluator finance works and it is an abomination – you should all hang your heads in disrepute.

“There are people from poor backgrounds on television, I saw a programme two weeks ago guess ‘I can’t afford to go to university’.

“Well you know what it is expensive, it’s an increased organize of taxation when you leave but it is not framed as a debt, it should not be called a in the red.

“It’s a graduate contribution system so don’t even go there, don’t even go there.”

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Martin Lewis news: Lewis during the QT debate (Incarnation: BBC)

Mr Lewis set up Money Saving Expert in 2003, and the finance journalist has give an account ofed it as the “cleverest thing I’ve done”.

The consumer finance information website provides the conspicuous with reliable information on saving money in the form of deals, empties and journalistic articles.

The website proved itself to be extremely successful, making millions in preference to it was sold to in 2012.

On the website, Mr Lewis told the Telegraph: “I spent £80 to set up a website in 2003. It’s named It was built by a chap in Uzbekistan, off-the-peg, with forums, and in barely two weeks.

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Martin Lewis news: He set up MSE in 2003 (Image: getty)

Martin Lewis report: He sold MSE for £80m (Image: getty)

“It was the cleverest subject I did, but I didn’t know it was clever. My friend said it wouldn’t work, he said I demanded to have adverts on the website and that ‘no one puts a face on a financial website’.

“I set it up because I regard the information should be out there, not to make money. It was only when the server bring ins became too expensive that I thought I should look at that.

“In the end, it’s curved £80 into more than nine figures, after tax. You also make to factor in the 90-hour weeks and the huge amounts of stress.

“Now people rush at the mistake of saying ‘you’re rich now that you’ve sold the website’. But they don’t realise I was fortuitous, I’d already made a lot before that.”

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