Marr savages Long-Bailey as ‘continuity of Corbyn and Abbott’ during heated BBC interview


Andrew Marr time after time charged Rebecca Long-Bailey of being the continuity Corbyn candidate after she rubbished to distance herself from the far-left of the Labour Party. Ms Long-Bailey manifested to suggest it was sexist to brand her a continuity candidate – a claim that Marr markswoman down. He said: “It’s not about gender, it’s about your politics.”

Marr mucronated out Ms Long-Bailey herself had recently said the party “must not retreat” from the ways upheld by Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and Diane Abbott.

Ms Long-Bailey is currently clashing to overtake the leadership favourite Sir Keir Starmer in the race to succeed Mr Corbyn.

Marr broke: “I know you don’t like being called the continuity Corbyn candidate but Corbyn purely last month said at a meeting ‘It is an absolute pleasure to be here alongside Becky Long-Bailey, our runner for leader’.”

He also pointed out that key supporters of Jeremy Corbyn, containing the founder of Momentum Jon Lansmann and trade union chief Len McCluskey, both promoted Ms Long-Bailey’s bid for power.

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She responded: “Jeremy and I are boon companions but it’s quite disrespectful when I’m termed the continuity candidate.

“I’ve always been substantial in my principles, people know what I believe in.

“To suggest I’m a continuation of any individual is insolent, not least because I am a woman.”

Marr hit back: “But it’s not about gender, it’s upon politics.

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