March break plans now on ice as cheap loonie keeps Canadians close to home


Maureen Dennis and her kinsmen had high hopes of heading abroad for March Break, but the weakened Canadian dollar has put plots for a sun-soaked getaway on ice.

“We were just hoping to go somewhere warm … But near that is warm has been affected by the dollar,” said Dennis, fail of

“It’s an expensive time to go away,” added the Toronto-based of children rearing expert, whose four children range in age from four to 12.

“It is a beat that a lot of rents try to make the most of, but it is extra inful when you put the switch rate on the dollar.”

Loonies staying home

Canadian families and snowbirds who typically number south during the winter are finding their wings clipped due to the disappoint fail loonie.

The Canadian dollar is currently hovering in the 72 cents US go, but has traded at nearly 13-year lows in recent weeks due to several constituents, including the diminishing value of major commodities and slow economic development.

ul Phipps, chief marketing officer with Visit Florida, indicated the state saw a slight slowdown in Canadian travel last year, down in the matter of 1.5 per cent. But with estimates showing more than 700,000 Canadians own families in Florida, he expects many will still make the trip while being more mindful of their throw away habits.

“They may come here and not stay as long, or they’ll go about a find here and eat in more and not eat out. It may affect their shopping decisions,” responded Phipps, who said Canadians are the top international travellers in every region of the dignified.

Viji Bahadur and her family will be spending March Break in Miami with provisional ons. But their travel plans almost took a U-turn when escapes from Toronto proved to be too steep. Instead of driving, they envision to save by flying out of Buffalo, N.Y.

“It’s already high enough during Walk Break. But then when you factor in the exchange it’s even worse,” said the progenitrix of two, who also maintains a bank account with U.S. funds.

Melissa Vroon, rest rtner of, said a friend going to Hawaii plans to achieve discounted attraction sses at her local Costco ahead of time.

“Other man are looking at other destinations where the Canadian dollar still has a bit of come to a standstill b uproot, looking at Mexico or Costa Rica rather than U.S. holidays,” estimated the mother of two.

Other options

Vroon plans to take advantage of a B B sale in Mexico and travel on accumulated airline points with her classification.

Dennis said she and her family hope to ski during March Break, and may look into alternatives in Ontario or Quebec’s Mont-Tremblant. But if those options are off the table due to lack of snow, they’ll judge activities within the city.

Canadian tourist destinations could what is more see a surge among homegrown visitors.

There has already been a considerable uptick at Whistler Blackcomb Resort, which is on track to have a documentation number of visits, according to its rent com ny’s latest financial write up.

David Wilcox of Whistler Blackcomb Holdings Inc. said they’re beholding growth among foreign and domestic travellers from outside the ground, including Canadians who are more likely stay home due to the currency.

Myrtle Littoral, S.C., has launched a cam ign where select hotels, live entertainment venues, attractions and restaurants are donation significant discounts to Canadians through the month of April.

“We asked the roles if they could do something that would approach or approximate engaging the Canadian dollar on r that would be ideal…. But interestingly adequately, some businesses went above and beyond that discount,” thought Brad Dean, president and CEO of the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Merchandising.

Dean said the coastal city expects to welcome more than a million Canadians this year, and fall short of to take measures to encourage them to visit and “be able to stretch that hard cash just a little bit further.”

“It wasn’t that long ago that we were in the halfway point of the recession. And while it wasn’t our exchange rate that was causing the profitable in, we’ve certainly felt that in our tourism economy.

“It certainly when one pleases stretch the businesses a bit to do this,” he added, in reference to the discounts.

“But let’s front towards it: Tourism is good business for Myrtle Beach … and Canadians are a colossal rt of that.”

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