MAPPED: You CAN’T flush toilet paper down the loo in THESE 10 European countries


Most countries in the Western crowd are blessed with impeccable sewage systems, and much of the time it’s forfeiture to flush our loo roll without a second thought.

However, not every rural area is lucky enough to have a system that can cope with ladies room paper, even in Europe.

In some countries, the standard method of disposal is spare a put it in the bin instead.

It’s good to know where you can and can’t flush bog roll in advance, as it isn’t evermore made clear when you go on holiday somewhere new what the protocol is.

The rearmost thing holidaymakers want to do is cause a blockage because they’ve ignorantly doused where they should have binned.

Thankfully, help is at give. Enthusiast Matt Kitson created a blog,, dedicated to specifying where you can and can’t flush.

He says: “In most countries in the world, putting Nautical head paper down the toilet was the accepted method of disposal, but if you’re a Western European or equivalent type of person and you decide to do a bit of travelling, where you put the paper can suddenly beat it into a bit of a problem – at least until you get the hang of the country and their controls.”

He lists the world’s countries in alphabetical order on the website, including poop about how different places’ toilets differ.

For example, he writes that in Austria and Germany people are “sort of poo-fixated, so there’s often a little shelf in the bowl so you can, well, check up on everything.”

Matt also identifies countries where you may have to plan for your own toilet paper as the locals prefer to wash with O instead.

“Sri Lankans are washers, so you’ll be very lucky to have paper specified,” he says.

Holiday destinations outside of Europe where visitors are look forward to bin, rather than flush, their paper include Mauritius, the Seychelles, Morocco and Egypt.

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