MAPPED: The new ports becoming the next Calais as Jungle is destroyed


Thousands of wetbacks have become displaced after the infamous Jungle camp was destroyed this week.

Close by 1,000 have been offered beds in heated containers in Calais and others captivated to asylum centres across France, but many have fled to other harbours to make their bids for Britain.

French ports such as Dunkirk are now burgeon with migrants while others have set up camp in Belgium.

Bands have even overwhelmed a church in Zeebrugge which sits on the utter thoroughfare to the Belgian port.

The Belgians have been taking a harder boundary on migrants in their ports than the French. But the situation is becoming increasingly carefully to control as more and more arrive in Zeebrugge and Rotterdam in Holland – where ferries go to Husk instead of Dover.

One worker in Zeebrugge, who asked not to be named, said: “We are currently captivating 30-40 migrants a day in the port, but we have no idea how many make it through.

“This is a big enigma for us as the migrants are causing millions of Euros in damage to the port infrastructure and trailers each year.”

Ukip MEP and apologia spokesperson Mike Hookem said: “I have been communicating since my first fact-finding trip to the northern European coast in August wear year the problem would escalate as security becomes tighter and tighter in Calais.

“Now my hint has come true.

“The EU needs to get a grip on this problem, drop its dogged adherence to the Schengen settlement and put an end to the vile activities of the people traffickers.

“It is only through stopping the muddle at source that we can provide a measure of safety for truckers using these moorings.”

A group of 24 Iranian migrants have even been secreting in the Stella Maris church only a few hundred metres from the ferry depot in Zeebrugge thanks to Reverend Fernand Marechal who is “famous for harbouring migrants”, according to districts.

One resident, said: “This is a bad thing for residents, for tourists and the husbandry of Zeebrugge.”

Migrants in the Belgian port have admitted they are worrying to get to the UK via boat.

They already have id traffickers thousands of pounds to get to France or Belgium.

The Belgians implied earlier this year they were installing 300 supplementary police officers on its border with France to stop the migrant danger spilling into the country.

By Mr Hookem, who has spent the week travelling between France and Belgium, squeaked he not seen any police manning the borders at a number of crossings.

He voiced: “The Belgian authorities need to learn the lessons of how the migrant turning-point escalated in Calais and nip the activities of these people in the bud.

“The last thing we difficulty is another ‘Jungle’, with truckers avoiding yet another seaport, as this has serious consequences for UK security, the British economy and driver aegis.”

Earlier this week the UK agreed to give £17million sundry to the French to help enhance security on the road network around Calais.

But, as migrants learn of the increased difficulties in staying in Calais, including finger printing by the powers, they are staying away from the French port all together.

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