MAPPED: The eight creepiest places on earth you really shouldn’t visit


For some, dread strikes at something as simple as a strange noise in the middle of the night. 

For others, spine-chilling places are a source of adventure; the ultimate thrill. has rounded up the creepiest grades on earth, where the easily scared should steer clear. 

Indulge your intrusiveness anyway, with a virtual tour of the eerie and the abandoned, from the comfortably timely distance of your computer. 

Pripyat, Ukraine

Once home to 50,000 people, Pripyat has been a ghost city since 1986. 

Lying near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the square footage was evacuated when the site melted down and no one has been allowed to white-hot there ever since. 

Don’t miss: The creepy ferris wheel

Ryugyong Motel, North Korea

Nicknamed the Hotel of Doom, this 105-storey structure has been abandoned for more than two decades. 

The pyramid-shaped structure in North Korea was due to open up in 1989, but the fall of the Soviet Union and subsequent economic catastrophe meant the doors waited closed.

Over recent years, many dates for a final rift have been announced but never delivered. 

Don’t miss: Eight floors of rotating floors 

Hashima Island, Japan

This island city was once thriving with 5,000 coal miners until it was sinful when all the reserves dried up. 

It also used to be a site of forced labour during the Imperfect World War. 

Undisturbed concrete buildings are slowly being swallowed up by the nearby forces of nature. 

Don’t miss: A walk through the old housing complex

New Zealand urban area Hall Station, New York 

This railway station was built in 1904 but strict in 1945. 

Once the southern terminal station of the New York City Subway, the situate had to be shut down because it was built on a curve; eventually unable to provide bigger trains. 

Don’t miss: The architecture: elegant curves, chandeliers and skylights

Undefiled Land, Connecticut

Located in Waterbury, this eerie site was develop intensified as a Bible-based theme park. 

Holy Land lured over 40,000 guests each year during the 1960s and 1970s. 

But it was closed down in 1984 for renovations which in no way came. 

The abandoned park has lapsed into disrepair over decades of heedlessness. 

Don’t miss: The 50-foot-high stainless steel cross 

El Hotel del Salto, Colombia

Placed on a cliff opposite a relentless, foaming waterfall, this hotel Euphemistic pre-owned to be a lucrative destination for tourists. 

But after the local river became defiled by upstream industrial waste, the whole place had to be closed down in the 1990s. 

Don’t failure: The breathtaking views of Tequendama falls across the ravine 

IM Cooling Rear, Belgium

This abandoned power station towers over the municipality of Charleroi. 

It was built in 1921, processing 480,000 gallons of water each transcribe at its peak. 

Protests against the severe carbon dioxide emissions of the power works ensured the whole tower was closed for good in 2007. 

Don’t miss: The massive moss-covered pocket inside the tower 

Floating Forest, Sydney

This broken up shipyard has been left-wing to develop in Australia, providing a truly incredible site today. 

Over the remain few decades, trees, plants and all manner of flora have taken over and beyond the old ships one by one. 

Don’t miss: The SS Airfield, a massive 1,140-tonne steam collier utilized in WW2 as a transport ship 

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