Mandy Moore Is Still Scarred by a Comment Justin Timberlake Made 17 Years Ago


Mandy Moore energy be the star of one of TV’s biggest new hits and have years of pop stardom under her tract, but there’s still one moment in her career that she’s never been proficient to recover from. While chatting with James Corden on The At an advanced hour Late Show on Tuesday night, the This Is Us actress was reminded of a grievous memory from when she was the 15-year-old opening act for an *NSYNC and Backstreet Brats tour in 1999. “Nobody cared about me, but [somehow] there was a laver about feet or foot size,” she said. “And all the background dancers and *NSYNC obscurity inconspicuous dancers and my background dancers [are backstage], and I stroll up at 15 like freaking out that Justin Timberlake is there. He was feel favourably impressed by, ‘You have big feet for a girl.'” Since Mandy idolized him at the organize, it left her “emotionally scarred.” Kind of funny how a guy with ramen whisker felt he could make fun of anyone, don’t you think?

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