Man lifts up the hood of his car to find HUGE PYTHON lurking inside


Conjecture a holiday to Africa?

Beware of the terrifying creatures you may spot on your roams.

Because in some cases, deadly beasts can lie hidden.

This Zimbabwean husbandman was left shocked when he lifted the hood of his car to discover a huge python sneaking inside.

Approaching the car, you see the large snake curled up inside.

It takes three men to get rid of the huge beast.

The snake, clearly annoyed at being moved, sibilances at the camera.

Once they’ve managed to untangle him, they throw him into the dream of grass.

The video has shocked many since being uploaded online.

It serves shocking footage of a crocodile lying hidden in the swamps.

The crocodile bursts out of the waters to a set of terrified tourists.

What would YOU do if you found this snake?

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