Man found dismembered in river may have been killed at ‘house party gone wrong’

Tuesday 19th January 2016

The stiff of a male, believed to be of either eastern European or Irish origin, was rest wrapped in plastic in a suitcase near Ardclough Bridge, Co Kildare, soon after 3.30pm on Saturday.

The victim’s head, hands and feet had been cut off in an bid to prevent gardaí from carrying out an identification process of the body.

Though, investigating detectives have so far been able to determine that the schlemihl was aged in his early 20s.

Sources have revealed that one of the lines of questioning gardaí are working on is that the victim was brutally slain in “a house rave that got out of control”, and that the killer, or killers, disfigured the body in a drastic attempt to prevent any successful identification.

The suitcase holding the torso of the decimation victim was in the Grand Canal for at least six hours before it was recovered by ssers-by.

Discrete walkers noticed the suitcase in the canal at Ardclough in north Kildare from 9am onward on Saturday but thought it was discarded litter.

A post-mortem examination of the torso by Delegate State thologist Dr Michael Curtis, at Naas General Hospital on Sunday afternoon, showed no signs of maltreatment to the torso.

Gardaí believe the fatal injuries may have been afflicted to the victim’s head, either through a shooting or a brutal assault. Associates of the Garda water unit resumed their search of the canal for other firmness rts yesterday, while the Garda dog unit was also drafted in to misguide searches along the canal banks and adjoining land.

Gardaí propose b assess other body rts could have been dumped to another place in the Grand Canal or in nearby wasteland.

Members of the Garda investigation crew from the Kildare division are working closely with colleagues in west Dublin.

Fingerprint look inti are being carried out on the suitcase and the heavy plastic used to wrap the torso.

It has also evolved that an eastern European woman arrived at a garda station in the south of the excellent on Saturday in a “distressed state”, with the incident believed to be related to the murder investigation.

Gardaí have so far gathered more than 80 behold statements from members of the public, with investigating officers suing for anyone with information to contact Leixlip Garda Station.


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