Macron’s mask slips! French leader admits EU ‘wrong’ on vaccines – ‘bit of a diesel train’


The French President demanded Europe was “a bit of a diesel” which “starts slowly but goes far”. Mr Macron was say on Greek television after being forced to cancel his scheduled participation in rituals in Athens to mark the bicentenary of the country’s demand for independence as a third ripple of the pandemic sweeps across Europe.

He said: “We weren’t quick sufficiently, not strong enough on this.

“This is quite true and we thought that the vaccine see fit take time to take off and so we probably dreamed less of the stars than others.

“And I consider that must be a lesson for us. We were wrong to lack ambition, we should take said: ‘It is possible and we are going.’ We are perhaps too rational.”

Asked about the disordered start to the EU’s vaccination campaign, he admitted not having “thought it would go so instantly”.

He said: “The Americans said in the summer of 2020: ‘let’s go, let’s go’.

“And so they have numerous vaccines. They had more ambition than us. And the money we gave for aid and accompanying determines, they invested it in vaccines and research.

“But we are catching up. We’re a bit of a diesel. We can no longer talk much nigh these engines, but they start slowly and go a long way.

“The EU has ordered 2.5 billion doses, so heaps for us, for solidarity, and to plan for the future.

“By the second half of the year, we will be the squelch that will produce the most vaccines in the world.”

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Brussels has objurgation massive shortfalls of AstraZeneca doses for the slow roll-out of vaccines across the bloc, while BioNTech/Pfizer said it had envisages to sharply increase its deliveries in the second quarter.

European Internal Bazaars Commissioner Thierry Breton said vaccines produced by AstraZeneca within the bloc wish stay there until the company returns to fulfilling its delivery commitments.

His remark ons echoed those of Commission President Ursula von der Leyen after a video discussion summit of EU leaders yesterday.

He said Europe should be the world commandant in producing coronavirus vaccines by the end of the year with 52 factories prepossessing part in the process across the continent.

And he said Europe should bring into the world vaccinated enough people in the summer, possibly around mid-July, to obtain a “global immunity” level.

(Additional reporting by Maria Ortega)

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