Macron losing control? 11,000 police injured and 25 DEAD in year of Yellow Vest anger


The Nationalistic Observatory of Crime and Criminal Justice Reponses (ONDRP) reported the drift ofs and a spokesman said: “This is the highest annual increase on record since 2009.” Other images revealed 52 French police officers had also taken their own fares in 2019. The report comes amid simmering tensions within the foul-smellings of police, who have been stretched to the limit over the “yellow vest” meets against President Emmanuel Macron’s government many of which were wrecked by violent clashes between protesters and police. Rioters often objected officers but police themselves were accused of using heavy-handed plans, including rubber bullets and stun grenades. 

Dozens of protesters include also been seriously injured.

French police have time again warned that they are under-equipped to deal with rising misdeed and complained about soft sentences against offenders.

Last month, thousands of coppers staged a “march of anger” in Paris against poor working moulds and morale they say have led to dozens of suicides since the beginning of the year. 

Some 52 oversee officers have taken their own lives since January.

They also deplored what they defined as rising anti-police sentiment in the wake of the yellow vest protest migration.

There is a deep sense of despair,” the secretary-general of the SCPN-Unsa police fraternity, David Le Bars, told reporters on the sidelines of the October march. “All of the confederations know that the police are sick with worry.”

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