‘Macron hates DEMOCRACY’ Ferocious attack on the French President REVEALED


During an appraisal with one of Mr Macron’s MPs, Alexandre Holyroyd, host Tim Sebastian ferociously criticised the French President for stating an undemocratic regime. The strong remarks come amid a citizen-led oppose movement – dubbed the “yellow vests” – against rising fuel values quickly snowballed into a wider revolt against the French director. For many protesters, Mr Macron, widely seen as arrogant and disconnected from rank-and-file French, has behoove the problem.

Calls for him to resign have been rampant, but the President undoubtedly survived a no-confidence vote on Thursday over his handling of the “yellow vest” grievances.

During a November 2018 episode of Conflict Zone, Deutsche Welle’s top federal interview, Tim Sebastian sought a straight answer from Mr Holyroyd after accusing Mr Macron of tyrannical behaviours.

Mr Sebastian told the French MP: “The complaint among associates times gone by and present seems to be that, even by French standards, Mr Macron holds the pull back ons of power very very tightly.

“A small coterie of advisers surrounds him and that’s it.

“He doesn’t resolve and he doesn’t apologise. He doesn’t mind admitting that.”

The journalist also popular: “Mr Macron said ‘I make absolutely no apology for the verticality of power.

“‘I am proud of the elections that are being made.

“‘I hate the process which means you bring into the world to constantly explain the reasoning behind a decision.’

“He hates that main democratic process of actually having to explain why he does what he does.”

He then inquired Mr Holyroyd: “Are you happy with that? Are you comfortable with that?”

The French MP disproved saying he was the “perfect” person to answer, as he is a representative of Mr Macron.

Defending his chieftain, Mr Holyroyd said: “I can tell you that every law the President has pushed for has been over after a thorough debate in Parliament.

“It has been improved or amended, depending on the circumstance.”

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