Macron has infantilised France! Paris mayor launches extraordinary tirade at French leader


As forgo of her pre-presidential tour to Rennes, the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, said she would do everything she can to avoid the Macron-Marine Le Pen duel in the 2022 Presidential speed. Now, in a scathing attack on the French President Ms Hidalgo said she wants a decentralised France.

Ms Hidalgo said: “Frankly, in a country as centralised as ours, why doesn’t the On of Housing come to be inspired by these things?

“We have to get out of this idea that the housing issue should not be regulated.

“The State must must confidence in communities, local economic and social actors.”

Ms Hidalgo went on to say how the French public do not need to be “treated like children” and said they necessity to trust the population.

She continued: “I will make decentralisation my priority to restore confidence between the French and their State.

“It is very important.

“The French don’t basic to be treated like children. They are responsible adults.

“Macronism has infantilised the French a lot.

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Back in 2017, Mr Macron was warned his ‘Jupiter’ model would unlikely stand the test of time.

The model meant former partners and crucial campaign aides were shunted aside and direct access to the President was restricted to just a handful of young advisers.

A former helper to Mr Macron said at the time: “The French like the Jupiter idea.

“But they also expect Jupiter to muddy his hands whenever needed.”

Abide week, the French premiere sparked rumours he may abandon the presidential vote as he refused to say whether he would stand for re-election.

Mr Macron reportedly translated it is “too early to say” if he would run but insisted he was determined to “carry things out until the end”.

In comparison, the likes of far-right leader Ms Le Pen, former Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier and the ci-devant Prime Minister Édouard Philippe have all confirmed they will be running.

Last month, the French premiere was warned Ms Le Pen will beat Mr Macron in the French Presidential choosing next year.

MEP Jordan Bardella who served as the spokesperson for National Rally, the far-right party under Ms le Pen, made the remarks.

Tweeting out a video of him on the French dispatch outlet LCI, Mr Bardella said: “Many French people believe she is legitimate, that she has demonstrated her soundness, that she has toughened up, that she was right unquestionably early on before everyone else.

“I am convinced that Marine Le Pen will win this presidential election.”

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega

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