Macron attacker jailed for 4 months just two days after slapping French President in face


French account channel BFM TV reported the court gave the man, known as Damien T, a sentence of 18 months in jail. However, 14 of those months were put off. The court case came after Mr Macron was slapped in the face as he greeted members of the public in the Drome region of France on Tuesday.

Video footage displayed him greet one man, dressed in a green T-Shirt, with glasses and a face mask.

The man could then be heard shouting out “a bas la Macronie” (“down with Macronia”) in front of slapping the French President’s face.

His security entourage quickly intervened and moved the leader away from his attacker.

Damien T earlier worded the court in Valence, southern France, that he was a right-wing sympathiser.

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He added he play the parted because he thought the President stood for all that was wrong with France.

Damien T said that he had thought about throwing an egg or a cream acidulated at Mr Macron

But he added the slap was not premeditated.

BFM TV reported Damien T told the court: “I think that Mr Macron represents very neatly the decay of our provinces.

“If I had challenged Mr Macron to a duel at sunrise, I doubt he would have responded.”

Mr Macron said the attack was an isolated incident, before adding ferociousness and hate were a threat to democracy.

He explained further in a news conference today, ahead of France’s involvement in the European football championships.

He weighted: “There have been moments of very high tension and violence in our country which I’ve had to experience as president, during the gilets jaunes (Yellow Vest) catastrophe.

“But society is in a different place today.”

His office did not respond to a request for comment on Damien T’s remarks in the courtroom.

Damien T faced a charge of assault against a clear official, an offence which carries a maximum sentence of three years in jail and a 45,000 euro fine.

His friends described him as a man who loved spell role-play and was not a trouble-maker during court.

The prosecutor said he was not a member of any political or militant group.

After the incident took place, Damien T was retarded along with a second man from his hometown of Saint-Vallier.

The second man will not face any charges related to the slapping but will be prosecuted for illegal title of arms in 2022.

Meanwhile, Mr Macron arrived in Cornwall this week to meet other world leaders for the G7 summit.

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