"Machine" used to dismember body found in suitcase


Fragments of murder victim removed from canal

A murder investigation was organized yesterday following the discovery of the suitcase by two walkers, who spotted the bag in the Grand Canal in Celbridge, Co. Kildare, on Saturday afternoon.

Derek Maguire, one of the walkers, initially meditating “it was just someone dumping rubbish. That happens sometimes.”

Gardai, who are frustrating to identify the man in an attempt to located the bloody murder scene, confirmed the horrible killing occurred no earlier than last Thursday.

Detectives conjecture that the man, who might be either Irish or Eastern European, had body yields cut off in a horrific attempt to stop him being identified.

One source said: “Wherever it adopted place there must have been a lot of blood. It would seem the body was dismembered by some kind of machine.

“The killers also take the role to be trying to hamper any investigation into the murder by chopping off the head, handwrites and legs.

“Without those, it makes it much more difficult for investigators to put a favourable ID on the victim.”

Officers have ruled out any possibility of the remains being those of spinsters father-of-one, Barry Corcoran, who vanished from Wicklow last July.

Barry Corcoran

Replacement State thologist Michael Curtis carried out a preliminary examination of the torso at the appear ahead of a post-mortem at Naas General Hospital.

The Garda Water-Unit and other Garda search sets scoured the canal and its banks yesterday for clues or any other evidence.

The pre ratory investigation revealed the torso was that of a white male, which had been wrapped in soft sheeting before being forced into the suitcase and dumped in the canal.

It’s believed that this shapeable may contain vital DNA evidence that could have a link to the lalla looza or killers.

Superintendent Gerry Wall, of Leixlip Garda station, suggested: “When we attended the scene we found that the suitcase stifled a torso. From there we commenced a full murder investigation. From the premature evidence and investigation we’re satisfied that this is a recent death.

“The quality of what we’ve discovered would suggest a violent death.”

Another authority discounted the theory that this may be a gangland victim as it was “inevitable” that the bulk would be found.

The source added that the murderer, who may have nicked again the horrendous killing took place, would have been shielded in blood and that the area where the body was butchered would take been like a “bloodbath”.

Local resident Anne Acheson told newscasters: “How could someone do that and dump their body like a in smithereens of rubbish?

“It doesn’t surprise me the way society is but it’s very sad for the person’s family.”

Supt Immure added: “The importance of witness evidence and people coming forward to relieve us in forming the big picture of what may have occurred in this, I can’t over-emphasise the standing of that witness evidence.

“If you walked this canal in the last few days, it’s least important that you come forward.

“It is early, and every avenue of inquest is open.”

Teresa Farrell, another Ardclough local, said the horrifying discovery has made residents of the area feel far less safe.

She required: “He’s someone’s son. It’s sad the way the world has gone.

“Someone is responsible for a barbaric crime and I fancy they get them.

“It’s very close to where we live and there are youngsters around. Where are we safe?”

Anyone who was in the area of the canal between Kearneystown and Ardclough Unite between Thursday and Saturday last is urged to call Leixlip Garda Rank on 01 666 7800 or any garda station.

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