Luvvie actor MOCKED on Twitter after failing to help Liberal Democrats win election


Actor Tom Hollander was brutally also phonied on Twitter after footage of him campaigning for Sam Gyimah during the election emerged. Mr Gyimah was Conservative MP for East Surrey in front of he had the whip removed for voting against the Government over Brexit. He afterwards joined the Liberal Democrats, and stood for the London Kensington seat.

In December, he jobbed a video of Mr Hollander to Twitter, captioning it: “Hats off to Tom Hollander, actor and Kensington inhabitant, for spending four hours canvassing with me this afternoon for Lib Dems.

“A consequent on the doorstep!”

In the clip, the actor said: “I’ve never been particularly state before, but this election is absolutely critical to the history of our country, which I weakness, and which is in real danger of a Tory majority.

“All the tactical voting installs as of the last few days are confirming that the Lib Dems are the party to vote for in Kensington if you necessity to not have a Tory win here.”

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On December 12, the Lib Dems suffered a serious disaster, with Mr Gyimah coming third with only 9,312 bear witnesses.

Felicity Buchan was elected as the MP for Kensington, beating Labour’s Emma Dent Coad by lately 150.

The Conservative Party overturned Labour’s 20 vote majority at the in election to retake the seat.

Daily Mail journalist Andrew Realize retweeted the video this year, writing: “Proof again that celebrities, mercifully, don‘t waggle votes in this country. Hugh Grant didn’t win any seats for Lib Dems either.”

Servants of the journalist and commentator were quick to offer their thoughts. 

One penned: “Dignitaries overestimate their influence.”

And another said: “They only by any chance swing some of their fans away from them. There are a sort of celebrities I used to like that I simply can’t watch now because of the entities they’ve said about me as a #Leave voter.”

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