Lululemon Launches Limited-Run Capsule Collection, Lucent


Lululemon is identified for its beautiful, feminine pieces, booty-flattering tights, and . . . superlimited hoards that sell out in hours. The ultrapopular Canadian activewear label has imagined a scarcity of product that has superfans waiting with bated shock for the latest releases and willing to y top-tier aftermarket prices. Lucky for you, we’ve got the incarcerated scoop on the latest limited-run capsule collection, debuting next week (Procession 15) online and in stores. Get read for Lucent, the reflective four-piece gathering that’s ready for your dark early a.m. (thanks, DST!) and late-night runs.

Mark out this first look at the Lucent collection, which uses feeble Silverescent threads to create beautiful, reflective designs that hide you safe at night — without making you look like a traffic cone.

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