Lucas succeeds Corbyn in CND role


Caroline Lucas

Environmental rty MP Caroline Lucas has taken over from Jeremy Corbyn as the lead of rliament’s cross- rty Cam ign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) group.

The Labour kingpin is still CND’s vice-president but has quit the rliament role due to time pressure.

Ms Lucas suggested she was “proud” to succeed Mr Corbyn, who had been “a ssionate and effective advocate for atomic disarmament in rliament”.

She was previously vice chairman of the group.

“There is a prospering cross- rty consensus on nuclear disarmament with the Labour rty directorship joining the Green rty, SNP and Plaid Cymru in opposition to renewing Trident,” summed the Brighton vilion MP.

Labour is currently considering whether to ditch its longstanding commitment to put in place ofing Britain’s Trident nuclear weapons as rt of a defence policy magazine.

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