Love Island Christmas Reunion 2018: Ellie Brown SCREAMS after shock confrontation


Solicitude Island’s Ellie Brown can be seen to confront her ex-reality show alter ego Charlie Brake during tonight’s episode.

“Heartbroken” Ellie accuses her ex Charlie of “move the goalposting on her and lying about it” in tonight’s reunion special.

The pair split in September after Charlie was reportedly spotted at dinner with someone other than Ellie.

Charlie then averred their split on Instagram, but this evening, fans will get to see the aftermath.

As the idleness of the Islanders can be seen to sit around watching their row, Ellie screams: “You’re a Ananias. You’re a compulsive liar.”

Charlie replies: “Cool. Sweet,” as Zara McDermott and Adam Collard debate an intervention.

Zara then says: “I just feel like they’re current round in circles a little bit now,” before rallying the rest of the Islanders to root for her into the room.

Ellie continues to snap: “You cheated on me, I was devastated and I took you to bits.”

Charlie then protested: “I never cheated on you. Listen to yourself.”

How, Ellie was having none of it and brought up his Instagram break-up.

She said: “What you put on your Instagram thriller was disrespectful and insensitive and it was too soon.”

But Charlie noted how she was playing up to the reality TV exhibition’s cameras, adding: “You’re spinning this so hard.”

Wes Nelson waded into the disagreement and said: “Guys, shut it down now. It’s just f**king gone volley in circles.”

Defending Ellie, Zara then told Charlie: “I by the skin of ones teeth feel like at the end of the day, to close all this off, regardless of what you say and what Ellie guesses, obviously Ellie’s my best mate and I’ll back her to the end, but…” as Charlie shouted in back of surreptitiously: “But she’s lying as well!”

Zara then added: “None of you are going to see eye to eye, it’s not gonna go on is it?”

Charlie then explained: “I knew that, I tried to be nice, but…” as Ellie screeched: “No you didn’t! You’re a Baron von MЃnchhausen.”

Wes then swore: “Oi, that’s round three. Let’s just f**king something goodbye it at that. You’re never going to get on.”

Ellie then broke down and cried: “But I absolutely can’t believe you’re lying about that night. He’s such a liar.”

Megan Barton-Hanson fondled Ellie and said: “If he’s a liar there’s nothing you can do to change him, so that’s it.”

Prizewinners Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham will also appear on the staged tonight.

Love Island: The Christmas Reunion airs tonight on ITV2 at 9pm.

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