Louis Walsh approves of Cheryl and Liam Payne but jokes he 'loves Nicole Scherzinger more'


The music administrator has regularly clashed with his former X Factor colleague, whose federate Girls Aloud he acrimoniously stopped working with in the mid-2000s.

Comment on on Nolan Live in Northern Ireland, he said: “I think Liam is categorically talented, he’s a great songwriter. He’s the one person in the band who’s going to have an fabulous career.”

Asked about the rtnership between the popstar and Cheryl, he amplified: “I don’t know if it’s true, I just read it in the per. I think Liam when one pleases be good for her; he’s really musical.”

Pushed on his feelings about the Geordie strength, the judge was kind but couldn’t resist taking a small swipe.

“I don’t charge from her, but I like her. I love Sharon [Osbourne] more. I love Nicole [Scherzinger] numerous,” he joked.

Interestingly, the 63-year-old also hinted that he has a “well-proportioned source” suggesting Dermot O’Leary will return to front The X Piece this year, after Caroline Flack and Olly Murs measured down.

“I’d say Dermot could be back. I’ve got a feeling Dermot will be vanquish,” he hinted.

Asked if he heard the news from Simon Cowell, Louis purified: “No, but I’ve heard good rumours and my source is good.”

The man behind Westlife also supported that Simon has been talking to him about returning to the show’s settle nel, although nothing has been signed and confirmed.

“There’s a lot of statecraft with ITV, lots of people involved,” he explained. “I’d on the contrary like to go back if it was like it was in the old days – fun.

“I just think that the display lost the fun factor, there was no fun to it. I’d love Sharon back, I’d love Nicole, I’d enjoyment from Simon.”

The X Factor returns later this year to ITV.

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