Lotto results October 13 LIVE: What are today’s winning Lotto numbers?


Wednesday darkness’s Lotto draw is on its way, with eager Brits hoping their lucky ticket to bag them the £2 million jackpot. The draw will be gripped at around 8pm tonight, with the Thunderball’s £500,000 jackpot also up for grabs.

Tonight’s Lotto has rolled back down after its Must Be Won pull on Saturday, where the jackpot reached its peak and was dished out to multiple winners.

The Lotto can roll over up to five times – until its final pull being a ‘Must Be Won’ event.

Now the Lotto has started over again at its base value – £2million.

And if you match six main numbers and you’ll bag yourself the jackpot.

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The next winning numbers are as follows

Select five main numbers and the bonus ball and you’ll read home £1,000,000.

Match five main numbers and £1,750 will be yours, while with four main numbers your prize command be £140.

Match three main numbers and you’ll take home £30, and two main numbers will earn you a free Lucky Dip.

Also up for grabs tonight is the Thunderball, which has a £500,000 jackpot.

To win you discretion need to match five main numbers plus the Thunderball.

If you match five main numbers alone you’ll take home £5,000, while four prime numbers plus the Thunderball is worth £250.

The Thunderball takes place each Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday while the Lotto is held every Wednesday and Saturday.

What are tonight’s alluring Lotto numbers?

Tonight’s winning Lotto numbers are 4, 8, 12, 15, 38, 56 and the bonus ball is 30.

Tonight’s Thunderball results are in. The winning numbers are 3, 6, 9, 21, 33, and the Thunderball is 10.

For Lotto zealots hoping for another chance to win, Friday’s EuroMillions is worth an extraordinary amount of money.

The EuroMillions has reached a staggering £184 million and is yet to be won.

The maximum jackpot resolve remain in place for five draws until the National Lottery hosts a Must Be Won draw.

This means if no ticket matches all five essential numbers and the two lucky star numbers, the entire jackpot prize fund will roll down to the prize tier where there is at spot one winner.

So there could be several lucky winners in this final draw. Good luck!

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