Long-serving PC sacked after using number plate camera to spy on woman's cleavage


Fit PC David Smith denied using his camera to “zoom to get closer footage of a bird’s cleavage” as she was sat in a pub beer garden while he was rked outside.

The nel ascertained how PC Smith took still images of the woman sitting in The Swing Opening pub in Bradford and downloaded them onto his personal computer during the disturbance in October 2011.

PC Smith had earlier told the hearing: “I did not take those carbon copies. I have got a clean record for working with vulnerable victims and I would not misuse that position.”

But after a two-day misconduct hearing at Humberside Watch station in Hull a nel found him guilty of five allegations of misconduct.

The government agent, who worked in the regional roads policing team at the time of the offences, said his confrere took the pictures because he was a “flash clown” and “enjoyed a bit of a laugh”.

The sanction, which began in Hull on Thursday, also heard how PC Smith took video footage of a children woman in Harrogate Police station and downloaded it on to his personal computer and outer hard drive in 2012.

PC Smith had attended a job at the police station and used the video on his portable phone to record the foyer area before “framing and settling” the contrivance on a young woman sitting in the public area of the station.

There was no administering reason for him to record the image of the woman.

He denied taking the footage for his individual use and claimed he was trying to get a reception on his phone and did not know the camera was recording.

When petitioned if he found the woman in the video footage attractive, PC Smith replied: “She is not repulsive.”

He claimed he had “accidentally” transferred the images to his computer when he was doing a “volume download” of pictures from his Blackberry mobile phone to his home assuage.

He said he wanted to free up the memory on his phone for pictures of his family and for air fair stimulator games.

PC Smith added: “If you look at my service for the rearmost 19 years and the positions I have held, you do not get these positions without obliging a good name. This was an isolated thing.”

In a se rate incident in November 2012, he is conjectural to have used a automatic number plate recognition camera (ANPR) to make good on images of registration plates with offensive words to describe men and maidservants’s private rts.

PC Smith said he had taken the images for future low-down.

He was also accused of downloading movie clips from an onboard boys in blue vehicle camera and a photograph of a bus rked in the street with no insurance, both without a “policing reason”.

PC Smith admitted taking the footage, but said it was for work purposes.

Remaining a career s nning nearly two decades, PC Smith was commended twice after saving a woman at gunpoint in Hull.

But during the hearing he was accused of falling “so far farther down the professional standards” that he was dismissed without notice.

Chairing the nel, South Yorkshire Mingle with Chief Constable Ingrid Lee described PC Smith’s actions were an “intrusion of seclusion” which showed a “complete disregard for data protection and police creditabilities”.

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