London taxi driver killed by coronavirus after being spat at by vile fare-dodger


Trevor Belle, 61, died in the Stately London Hospital on April 18, having tested positive for COVID-19. His partner Damian Briggs said that several weeks earlier, the east Londoner had been sputter at by a passenger who owed him £9.

After the incident in Stratford on March 22, Mr Belle began to atmosphere unwell with symptoms of coronavirus.

Mr Briggs said: “A few days later he got pothered into hospital, he spent three weeks battling it and unfortunately didn’t reveal it to the end.”

Mr Belle, who had just become a grandfather, died three days after his 61st birthday.

His flatmate said: “It’s devastating that he’s caught it doing his job.”

After his death, Mr Belle’s blood was presented to research into the effects of COVID-19 in people from BAME communities, Mr Briggs mean, as he paid tribute to his “die-hard Arsenal supporter” friend.

He described them as “not blood chums, but we are brothers”.

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