London lockdown update: Will London lockdown again?


Another stanchioned: “Why is London not on lockdown since there’s WAY more people?”

While a third said: “The R proportion rank is higher in London so why are they not in lockdown? One rule for us another for them.“

And another reckoned: “Why is the North West being hit by new lockdown when we have a lower R type than London?”

There is no talk of another lockdown in London yet, notwithstanding, but rumours have suggested a council-based approach if the need arises.

Articles earlier this month alleged Hounslow was at risk of being grasped down.

But the Government denied this was the case, slamming “irresponsible” surfaces.

Speaking on July 1, Candice Atterton, Cabinet Member for Adults, Societal Care and Health, said Public Health England (PHE) is working closely with distinctive boroughs to assess the risk.

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