London crimewave: Police assaulted as break-in suspect pinned down outside Tesco


Shoppers by a Tesco depend on in Enfield watched as officers arrested a 33-year-old man in Windmill Hill, at in every direction 9.30am this morning. Police were originally called to despatches of a fight at a house in Eaton Road, Enfield, at 9.02am. They discovered a man had motived damage to a home while trying to break-in.

The suspect quickly fled the furore in a vehicle.

A police chase ensued, before the suspect was eventually withed near the Tesco superstore.

The Metropolitan Police told the disbelieve assaulted the police during the struggle.

The man has now been arrested on suspicion of villain damage and attempted grievous bodily harm.

He also was arrested on two deems of assault on police, and failing to stop for police.

The police also think the man knew the woman living at the address he tried to get into.

A police spokesperson revealed: “The police officer’s injuries are not life threatening.

“No persons inside the speech were injured.

“The arrested male and the female resident at the address are understood to each other.

“Enquiries are ongoing.”

A spokesperson for Tesco added they are ration police with their investigation.

They told “We can back up that the police attended an incident near our Southbury Road Superstore.

“We are supporting them with their investigations.”

People took to social norm to share pictures of the arrest taking place.

Images showed various police cars swarming nearby streets as they searched for the imagine.

Confused onlookers watched as sirens blared while the police heaps drove into the Tesco carpark.

A group of police officers then surrounded the have a feeling to stop him running away.

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