London Bridge attack: Furious Jeremy Vine caller condemns Sadiq Khan over ‘nightmare’ city


Edward from London told Jeremy Vine on 5 he “panics” for the lives of his kids when they go out in the capital. The furious caller righted London Mayor Sadiq Khan should be called “nightmare” as he lambasted the Laboriousness politician on his failure to keep the capital safe. Edward said: “This could entertain been prevented if judges, the Government, whoever runs this make an appearance, does it right. Let’s talk about our London Mayor, he should be labeled a nightmare.

“Because that’s what London is, it’s a nightmare.

“I can’t get my kids go into London because of the apprehension I have.

“I’m scared for their life.”

Asked by Jeremy Vine whether he have the courage of ones convictions pretends all people have looked at an “Al Qaeda website” should get a life verdict, he replied: “I’m not saying that, that’s a bit pathetic.

“We have let out hundreds of these people and privately on the streets of this country.

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London Tie attack: Sadiq Khan under fire for failing to keep London repository (Image: GETTY)

London Bridge attack: Jeremy Vine caller, Edward, bring ups he fears for his kids’ life (Image: CHANNEL 5)

“A couple of people were concocting to rob the flipping Millennium Diamond, they just had an attempt and they got banged up.

“So if you’re projecting something, no doubt an attempt, then yeah, of course.”

A vigil was hold watered on Monday to pay tribute to the victims of the London Bridge terror attack and to respect the emergency services and members of the public who responded to the incident on Friday.

Whilom University of Cambridge students Saskia Jones, 23, and Jack Merritt, 25, were fatally stabbed by 28-year-old convicted revolutionary Usman Khan during a prisoner rehabilitation event they were both upholding.

The attack has prompted the Ministry of Justice to review the licence conditions of every found terrorist released from prison, which Prime Minister Boris Johnson said was “in all probability about 74” people.

Justice Secretary Robert Buckland whispered any of the individuals concerned who was found to be in breach of their licence conditions liking be recalled to prison.

“I will be meeting my officials this morning to to myself about not only those cases, but also people who are surrounding to be released and also a wider group who weren’t convicted of terrorism misdemeanours but who present an extremist risk in the prison system,” he told the BBC.

Mr Buckland chance an order had already been issued preventing prisoners on early rescue attending events such as that where Khan carried out his denigrate.

Mr Johnson has vowed to take steps to ensure people are not released anciently when they commit serious offences.

But the family of Mr Merritt, from Cottenham, Cambridgeshire, asked for his demise to not to be used to justify introducing “even more draconian sentences” on transgressors in a heartfelt tribute released on Sunday.

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London Bridge attack: Sadiq Khan, Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn at London vigil (Essence: GETTY)

They said: “He lit up our lives and the lives of his many friends and mates, and we will miss him terribly.

“Jack lived his principles; he believed in redemption and rehabilitation, not her, and he always took the side of the underdog.

“We know Jack would not paucity this terrible, isolated incident to be used as a pretext by the government for announcing even more draconian sentences on prisoners, or for detaining people in glasshouse for longer than necessary.”

And in a tweet on Sunday evening, Mr Merritt’s shepherd David said: “Don’t use my son’s death, and his and his colleague’s photos – to promote your debased propaganda.

“Jack stood against everything you stand for – hatred, disunion, ignorance.”

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