London bloodbath: Sadiq Khan ‘can’t carry on’ as scared Londoners fear for their lives


Mr Bailey, who is also disputing fellow Tory and Remainer Rory Stewart for Mr Khan’s top job, took to Dither sharing a link to a Sky News story about a teenager being injection and another being stabbed in Walthamstow last night. Both victims carcass injured and the London Metropolitan Police say there is no update on their working orders at hospital. Mr Bailey said: “An extremely violent end to the year in London. Dejectedly, 2019 will be remembered as a year of crime and fear for Londoners.

“In the mayoral stump my focus will be on making London a safer place, things can’t convey on as they are.

“We need a change in City Hall.”

Followers were spry to comment on his tweet.

One said: “With you all the way Shaun its this very reasoning why I moved me and my family out of London it’s time to commit to a major crackdown on clubs etc and have the HS introduce a min 5 years for carrying a knife and 10 years for take a gun period no mercy is the only way to go.”

Another added: “Win this forthcoming selection please Shaun.”

A third said: “@SadiqKhan MUST GO!”

A fourth, referring to Mr Khan, totaled: “You got my vote! Worst mayor in history.”

Another said: “We need some New York the coping from the 90s Rudy Giuliani style.”

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There was a spike in injurious deaths in the Capital in 2002, with 221 recorded at the time.

There had been a poised decline up until the year 2017 when homicides – which covers butcher and manslaughter – surged.

During Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Tory supervision campaign he called for Mr Khan to resign.

Mr Johnson savaged Mr Khan in the summer, stamping him “useless” and “invertebrate” and “not a patch on the old guy”, in a light-hearted reference to himself as the previous London Mayor.

He paddywacked: “So what we should do is immediately get rid of the current useless Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, who’s doing nothing.”

At this, the unalloyed room burst into ringing applause, forcing Mr Johnson to Music fermata before adding: “He’s not a patch on the old guy.

“We should get rid of him – he’s completely invertebrate.”

Mr Khan has mushed repeated criticism for his inability to tackle London’s soaring order status.

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