Lockdown extended: Has the lockdown been extended in the UK? Pubs may stay shut until JULY


The vaccine has been addressed as a crucial pathway to ending restrictions and returning to normal life.

The Guidance’s target is to vaccinate the top four priority groups, which equates to 15 million woman, by mid-February.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has said all adults in the UK drive be offered the coronavirus vaccination by September.

Speaking on The Andrew Marr Advertise on January 17, he said: “The plan is to get the first 15 million most unprotected people vaccinated with the first dose by the middle of February.

“We then paucity to get, by early spring, another 17 million.

“At that point, we’ll prepare 99 percent of those most at risk of dying of coronavirus delivered their first jab, and then the entire adult population we want being made a first jab by September. That’s the roadmap.”

According to the latest Government human beings, 6.3m people have received the first dose of the vaccine, with an additional 469,000 secure received the second dose as well.

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