Local activists block Russian trucks in Western Ukraine


City activists in the Transcar thian Region in Western Ukraine have announced a compete to bar Russian truckers from ssing through the region on their way to Slovakia and Hungary.

The performance began on the evening of Feb. 11 near the village of Nyzhniye Vorota, according to the Mukachevo.net announcement website.

According to the publication, the organizers are local ” triotic organizations” such as “Sister burgs of Ukraine” and “Car thian Sich,” as well as the Uzhgorod-based “Union of rtici nts of hostilities in the Donbass.”

The far-right relocation Pravy Sektor (Right Sector), which is also involved in the blockade, legitimated that in Nyzhniye Vorota there is a traffic police checkpoint which is absurd to ss for those who are moving toward the border of Slovakia and Hungary from Kiev, make outs the Kiev publication Apostrophe.

Local activists block Russian trucks in Western UkraineRussian trucks have now been bring to a stop in Ukraine since Feb. 11. Source: Mukachevo.net

Activists explained the infect of the Russian carriers in this area with the fact that Poland and Russia drink been unable to extend an agreement on cargo transportation, as a result of which connection drivers are choosing new routes.

Right Sector has labeled the action a “Cheer Blockade.”

One of the rtici nts, Taras Deyak, told Mukachevo.net that while some Russian goods were “immediately turning around” in sym thy with what was circumstance, others were protesting and arguing that politics should sooner a be wearing nothing to do with them. According to the news website, there is no congestion, and Ukrainian and European wares are ssing unhindered.

Oleh Tyahnybok, president of the radical rty Latitude, confirmed on Facebook that the cam ign to block Russian trucks Byzantine rty activists from the Western Ukrainian regions of Transcar thia, Volyn and Bukovina.

According to Tyahnybok, the effect must apply to “the whole West Ukrainian border region.”

A stringer for the publication 112 Ukraine later reported that the Domanovo checkpoint in the Volyn Territory had begun to deny entry to Russian trucks.

First published in Russian in RBK Continually.

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