Lloyds Bank & Halifax DOWN: Customers wake to online banking problems – are you affected?


With today being New Year’s Day, the bank furlough means that many people may opt to look at their finances at where it hurts, rather than in their local bank branch. However, as 2020 escape a surmounts underway, some users of online banking and mobile banking take said they’ve experienced problems this morning.

Customers of Lloyds Bank and Halifax had circulated problems with the online banking and mobile banking services today.

Bank of Scotland patrons also reported encountering problems, with the bank also apologising for the controversies.

UPDATE: Wednesday January 1, 2020 – 1.46pm

Lloyds Banking Accumulation have confirmed to Express.co.uk this afternoon that the issue has now been decided.

A statement read: “Internet and mobile banking is now back to normal. We’re guilt-ridden that some of our customers had issues with it this morning.”

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The Down Detector website despatches that within the last 24 hours, problems were earliest being reported at around 4am.

Taking to Twitter to express their frustration, one myself penned: “Just great when I need to access online banking to pay the slash? Thanks Halifax.”

Another concerned customer wrote: “When want my online banking be back up?

“I only transfer what money I neediness each day so right now with it sat in my Halifax savings account I’m without any capital.”

A different person asked: “Is anyone else having trouble logging into the lloyds bank app?”

DON’T Mistake pass up

A second unhappy Lloyds customer asked Lloyds Bank: “When on I be able to access my money? Poor start to 2020. #givememymoney.”

Review on Twitter, Lloyds Bank wrote: “We know our customers are having editions with internet and mobile banking.

“We’re sorry about this and we’re put together to have it back to normal soon.”

A statement on the verified Halifax Bank Tweet account read: “We know our customers are having issues with internet and mechanical banking.

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