Liverpool fire: Terrifying cloud of black smoke seen rising above city from docks


Huge smoke clouds have been seen in the skies of Liverpool pursuing a massive fire in Merseyside. The Merseyside Fire and Fire rescue from confirmed the location of the fire as a scrapyard on Regent Road, Kirkdale. Videos press begun circulating on social media as Liverpool residents claim to be capable to see the massive smoke clouds from miles away.


Police officers are currently at the scene of the fire while the cause is still being examined.

The Merseyside Fire and Rescue Department posted to their Twitter chapter about the fire.

They instructed residents in the area to please intense windows and doors.

The caption read: “Incident: Regent Road, Kirkdale -crews are attending a scrapyard give someone the old heave-ho.

Liverpool fire: Huge cloud of black smoke seen originating above city from docks in Bootle (Image: PAULMADDEN75 )

Liverpool arouse: Massive plumes of smoke rising from the docks of Bootle in Liverpool deceive sparked concern as a fire rages in the city. (Image: jenniferpotato )

“We should prefer to five trucks an aerial appliance at the scene.

“There is a lot of smoke issuing from the arouse so residents should keep windows closed and people are advised to steer clear of the area.”

Merseyside Fire and Rescue have also issued a affirmation on the fire.

A spokesperson said: “Firefighters are currently in attendance at a fire at a scrapyard on Regent German Autobahn, Kirkdale.

“Crews were alerted at 3.35pm and on scene at 3.41pm. Five torch inflame engines and an aerial appliance are currently in attendance.

Liverpool fire: Merseyside Ignite and Rescue have also issued a statement on the fire. (Image: jenniferpotato )

“On coming crews found a large fire involving approx 100 tonnes of offering.

“The incident has been sectorised. Crews are using a main jet, two ground surveys and water from the aerial appliance to tackle the fire.

“There is a goodly quantity of smoke in the area and nearby residents are advised to keep windows and doors closed.

“Anyone with existing medical readies should keep medicines nearby and call NHS 111 if ill effects turn up dawn on.

“The incident is ongoing.”

Liverpool fire: Some townswomen took to social media to voice their concern over the happening (Image: jenniferpotato )

Some locals took to venereal media to voice their concern with one Twitter user expos: “Oh my gosh, there was a massive fire in Liverpool and I could see all the smoke fly at from the place.

“I don’t even live that close to it, I hope no one was maltreated.”

Another wrote: “Huge fire coming from inside Liverpool burgh.

“No idea what is burning, it looks like a scrapyard.”

While another united: “Fire at the Liverpool docks looks bad.

“I hope all staff and key worker pinch services are safe.”


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