Liverpool chaos: Anti-lockdown fury as protesters chant ‘freedom’ and clash with police


Those who were imprisoned chanted “freedom” and clashed with the police. They were avouching against the Government’s current lockdown restrictions. Police used sprinkle spray as the protestors fought with officers on the ground.

The crowds put out of ones minded the current social distancing rules as they gathered en masse in the pouring rainstorm.

The protest began at 1 pm in Liverpool and saw 100 people gathered on Church Lane.

Quickly the crowd began to grow significantly.

This led to more than a dozen restraints in Liverpool alone, Merseyside Police confirmed.

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Merseyside Constabulary Chief Superintendent Ngaire Waine said: “The vast majority of living soul in Merseyside have made huge sacrifices since March, overlooking weddings, funerals, and family celebrations in an effort to halt the spread of coronavirus.

“We be suffering with seen infection rates driven down in Merseyside thanks to the commitment of so numberless people, and already more than 140,000 have taken let go in a mass testing pilot here in Merseyside to help the national labour to protect life and get back to normality. They are a credit to this county.

“So it devise be incredibly frustrating for all those people to see that a minority of selfish separates chose to flout laws brought in to protect the lives of people, set aside our communities and themselves at risk.

“Their actions have posed a informative risk to public health and we will continue to study CCTV and bodycam to recognize offenders and bring them to justice.

“We have arrested 15 people so far and vanished many more. Our officers, employed to encourage people to do the right device and to carry out enforcement to protect the public, have been subjected to inattentive abuse from many of those gathered, but continued to carry out their duties with unabated professionalism.”

The Merseyside Police Chief added: “This pandemic has, understandably, left-wing many fearful of contracting and passing on coronavirus.

“The sight of a large union in the city centre will alarm many who are now well aware of the jeopardize large groups can pose to the spreading of this virus.”

She added: “We bring ined a Section 34 Dispersal Zone in the city centre, and deployed pithy resources into the city to ensure we could deal with this rally, encouraging those involved to disperse and taking enforcement action against those interning flagrant breaches of covid legislation, particularly those suspected to entertain organised the gathering.

“Their actions have posed a significant imperil to public health, and we will continue to study CCTV and bodycam to dig offenders and bring them to justice.”

In England, there were 316 ruins from coronavirus in the past 24 hours.

In Scotland, there were 37 deaths and in Wales, the deaths rose by 28.

In Northern Ireland, there were ten deaths.

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